Sometimes people refer to a Macintosh computer as a MAC – in all caps.

This is wrong.

Further, it is a sign to Mac users that you don’t really get Macs.

I’ve heard the argument that MAC is the correct parallel to PC. But this is incorrect; PC is an acronym for Personal Computer, while Mac is the short form of Macintosh, just as Dan is short for Daniel.

(There is a MAC acronym – Media Access Control. When you use MAC, that’s what you’re saying. But that’s not important right now.)

Don’t believe me? Check Apple. You’ll see they only ever use Mac – even when combining Mac with other words (Book) and letters (i).

Mac, not MAC

Apple only uses “Mac” – never “MAC”.

So if you want to look literate to Mac users, don’t call it a MAC.

This is one of those things that is like USING ALL CAPS IN EMAILS. While it doesn’t bother some people at all, it really bugs other people.

(Of course, if you’re TRYING to troll Mac users, go right ahead! I know it’s futile to ask trolls to stop trolling.)