Ready to move beyond bullet points for your presentations?

People are visual. If you’re sharing data, try creating a data visualization, instead of a table of numbers. (See Tufte for a start on this.)

And if you’re conveying an idea, a single bold image can be more compelling than a slide full of text. (Check out Presentation Zen and the companion website for much more.)

Here are some of my favorite places to search for images to use in presentations.

  1. Flickr search (need another license? More Flickr CC search links here.)
  2. Google image search supports usage rights, too. (Google’s help article)
  3. Creative Commons search (and as of July 2017, a new CC search is in beta) has pointers and a front end for searching additional resources that support usage rights.

These searches help you find images you have permission to re-use. (The Creative Commons license is a very widely used way of indicating these permissions.)

Always pay attention to re-use rights and respect the creator’s intent – don’t just take any image you find.  If the re-use requires attribution, be a mensch and include the credit in your preso.